Who are we ?

HYDROCAP ENERGY is a French SAS founded by engineers with long international experience in offshore oil services activity which is particularly interesting in the field of marine renewable energies.

Its purpose is to develop posed wave power fields (SEACAP™) to recover and convert the kinetic energy of the swell into electricity.

The numerical concept and the modeling were extensively studied and tests on a 1:20 scale model were then carried out in a wave tank at the DGA Techniques hydrodynamiques in Val-de-Reuil (FR). A full-scale demonstrator is currently considered.

The optimal bathymetric range of SEACAP is located between 20m and 50m.
These depths make it possible to have efficient wave spectra in practically all regions of the world, while benefiting from economical, technical and environmental conditions, at a non disturbing distance from the coast, with a minimum of equipment and a very good performance/cost ratio.

An anchored floating version (SEAFLOAT™) will be developed later for greater depths or fields further from the coast.