From swell to hydrogen
Without intermittance

Electricity or hydrogen, the choice is yours

With SEACAP the operator has the choice,

To evacuate electricity to a substation at the coast, depending on prices or operating conditions,
and / or ,
To produce hydrogen in-situ, which also has the advantage of reducing the effect of the natural intermittence of the swell.

Alternatively, it is possible to use electricity for other industrial productions: hydrogen, micro-algae or desalination

SEACAP adaptable and scalable solutions

Seacap platforms are available in different sizes depending on the environment, the nature of your projects and the natural power of the site

Various types of foundation according to the seabed

Geometry and added mass of the float

Unit power of the generators

Number of generators

Capacity of hydrolysers

A sector for tomorrow

Hydrogen: a carbon-free and renewable energy sector.

A sector that is gaining in competitiveness by replacing hydrocarbons in many applications.

A clean and renewable sector essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • For the rail
  • For heavy and long haul transportation
  • For the maritime
  • For public transport
  • For mobile or isolated sites
  • For confined vans or other vehicles
  • For wind, solar, marine and autonomous habitat storage

Hydrogen players