Hydrocap marine energy
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…À l’hydrogène

Hydrocap marine energy
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À l'hydrogène

Hydrocap Energy

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HYDROCAP ENERGY is a French SAS founded by engineers with long international experience in offshore oil services activity.

This is particularly useful in the field of marine renewable energies, for the structure, installation and operation which have many synergies with offshore oil.

The heart of the system, the linear generators, are the subject of an innovative development aimed at maximizing performance and efficiency.

Marine Energy

In 2010, more than half of the world population lived within 150 km along the 1.6 million km of coastline that border the seas and oceans .

France, in particular, has an exceptionally vast coastal and maritime domain and still unexploited .

Ocean Waves

Heave can be converted into decarbonized and decentralized secondary energies.

SEACAP technology is economical and adaptable to its environment.


SEACAP is a system of capture and conversion of marine energy (PTO), disruptive, although essentially based on known technological modules, proven in the offshore oil & gas industry for decades (platforms) and often operated in very difficult environment.


With SEACAP the operator has the choice of exporting electricity to a substation at the coast, depending on the prices purchased and the conditions of exploitation,


To produce hydrogen in-situ, which also has the advantage of reducing the effect of the natural intermittent swells.

The modular Seacap platform

The modular design of the platforms allows component construction even on small sites with modest lifting means. Maintenance is also easier and downtime is limited.

It is possible to produce green hydrogen in situ on a large deck and thus free yourself from the intermittent nature of the marine resource.

Alternatively, hydrogen can fuel the market for clean energy mobility, which currently consumes high volumes of hydrocarbons imported from regions at risk and polluting by their use.

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