welcome to the world of
marine renewables
with hydrocap energy


The marine renewable energy sector is emerging fast in Europe and elsewhere as many countries strive towards more ambitious goals for reducing  the disastrous effects of greenhouse gaz emission on health, environment and climate change.

company profile

Hydrocap defines itself as a conceptor and technology provider, playing a central role between component and services suppliers who can assemble and install Seacap wecs on one hand, and, energy utilities or other large industrial players seeking new and clean energy sources.

The company is wholly owned by its founders, having a hudge experience in the offshore oil&gas industry from design and construction to field operations in exploration drilling in various countries. The team will expand as projects develop, always keeping in mind a lean project oriented organisation.

Other key pertners that will interact with Hydrocap will be development specialists, environmental auditors, or certification agencies that are key in the technical progress and validation of the project.

Hydrocap welcomes equity or venture participation in future marine renewable project


While, in the medium term, wind is likely to remain the largest contributor to output among marine renewable energy sources, other marine renewables are the subject of keen interest due to the rapid progression of innovative projects.

Wave energy in particular is beginning to realize its potential, with exceptionally high energy density, an abundant and relatively predictable resource, of strategic interest to power grid operators. An added advantage of wave power is the high number of potential sites close to consumers. (it is anticipated that by 2025, 75% of the world’s population will live in coastal areas [1])

Wave energy is less hindered by environment constraints (visibility, noise, etc.) than other technologies.

Moreover, by leveraging on experience gained in the offshore Oil & Gas sector, commercial and industrial development phases can be considerably shortened.

Hydrocap is committed to unlocking the technical and commercial barriers so as to turn SEACAP into a power technology delivering safe, clean, local, reliable and competitive energy.

[1]    Ref: oceaninfopack.worldoceannetwork.org/fr