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Hydrocap Energy is a French company which develops an innovant and efficient  wave energy converter : SEACAP. Hydrocap Energy was founded by  O&G drilling experts and is currently managed by A. Larivain a former offshore dilling executive with a major international drilling contractor.
The company  positions itself as a conceptor, integrator and technology provider to utility operators or big industrial facilities. Hydrocap is a partner of the project SeaTitan

Seacap is a marine renewable energy device that captures the kinetic energy from the wave motion. Several CFD, virtual simulation and scaled tank tests have been performed with various types of sea-states models.

Production : the mechanical energy of wave force and motion can be converted to electricity, thanks to Seacap linear generators. Control command containers are housed on the utlity deck.
All equipment is dry and protected from marine environment.

Conversion : electricity may be transferred to a shore substation like other systems, however, it may preferably be used on-deck to produce clean hydrogen thru a new generation of hydrolysers.

seacap techological advantages

linear generators
to maximize
energy output

Seacap uses direct-drive azymutal switched reluctance linear generators.

This innovation change is more efficient than conventional rotary machines, with easier maintenance due to having less parts involved and consequently it increases return on investment

large deck for dry
electrical & utility equipment

The upper deck of Seacap is used to accomodate utility equipment for the control command and electrical conversion blocks.

It also facilitates  intervention, for survey or maintenance of the equipment. 

As important, it is used to accomodate various industrial equipment such as hydrolysers and compressors to generate clean hydrogen.

floater’s shape

The floater’s shape has been studied to improve the energy force level captured.

It is easy to build like other modules of the steel structure by any shipyard around the world and at low cost.

The floater may also be built economically in concrete for large series (fields)

transportation from workshop

The platform is floatted to site with service boats.

On location it will be lowered to the seabed.

After installation, the floater will be fitted around the pile and connected to the linear generators.

bucket foundation
(ref. UF DK)

The bucket, or suction, foundation is installed into the seabed. It allows Seacap towers to be easily installed or removed or even repositionned at low cost.

Impact on the ocean floor is therefore reduced (no drilling, beating or heavy concrete base needed).

Also, this process is reversible, so the tower can eventually be repositionned at another location and, in any event, removed at any time when necessary or in the end for recycling..

reduced visual impact

The visual impact of Seacap is reduced compared to giant offshore wind turbines.

In most cases and depending on necessary airgap,  it does not emerge more than 20m above sea level and is hardly visible from shore.

Due to its innovative bucket foundation, it may also be easily relocated